Touchcard是由一位即将毕业的大四学生创办,希望通过互联网帮助渴望发现世界的人,更好的分享、发现新鲜事。 我们欢迎您加入Touchcard,我们很高兴有你们。我们鼓励大家分享所看到的,听到的,想到的,怀疑的,决定的,推荐的,期待的新鲜事。 同时希望这是一个除朋友圈、微博以外,希望可以让你更加敞开的去分享的地方。我们希望能帮助你接触更多的人,发现新鲜事。

First of all, welcome to our group, we are very happy to have you.
Touchcard was founded by a senior student who aims to help those who are eager to discover the world through the Internet to better share and discover new things. We encourage you to share what you see, hear, think, doubt, decide, recommend, and expect. We hope to help you reach out to more people and discover new things.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.


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